Edge-to-edge pattern quilting:  $ 0.015 to .025 per sq. in.  Quilting mainly includes using one design, whether it is a panagraph or large meandering over the entire quilt with no special border.   It is based on the amount of stitches per square inch.  You may choose from many designs. This is well suited to quilts or comforters that will be heavily used or that have busy fabric which would hide intricate quilting.

Custom Quilting:  $0.025 to .03 per sq. in.  This includes at least two designs or heavier density quilting than edge-to-edge.  Outlining or small meandering. The distance between lines of stitching approximately 1’’. Quilting patterns can be customized to highlight your creation.

Heirloom Quilting:  $0.03 to .035 per sq. in.  This allows you to customize the designs on your quilt anyway you choose. It includes three or more designs on a quilt, including the border.  Any combination of patterns or designs, including your own, can be used to accent your creation.  You will be proud of the work to show everyone, passing down as a family heirloom or giving as a gift.

Interpretive Quilting:  $0.04 per sq. in.  Barbara will work with you to create or adapt quilting designs to beautifully highlight your work. The price of this premium service reflects the investment of time and experience required to carefully design patterns that compliment your quilt top.  Barbara will produce a one-of-a kind quilt that you will be proud of for many years to come.

Minimum charge…..$45.00  Smaller items such as table runners may be less.

Backing: We do not have backing on hand, however we would recommend that you use backing fabric instead of piecing narrower fabric together.  The backing you provide should be 6 to 8 inches wider and longer than your finished top.  If you want us to find backing fabric, we will charge the actual price from the retailer we use plus any additional shipping, handling or other fees involved.

Batting charge:    $7.00 per yard (based on 93″ wide roll or $9.50 based on 120″ wide roll).   The latest batting we’ve purchased is Hobbs 80/20 and have Hobbs 100% cotton also.     Please keep in mind that the batting needs to be larger than your finished quilt (about 12″ wider and 12″ longer).  This allows for placement of the quilt in the frame and will be trimmed before you do your binding.  Before supplying your own batting please consult Barbara!

Thread charge: To switch colors there will be a small charge.

Binding charge: We can bind your quilt for you. We charge by the linear inch. Linear inches calculated as (width + length) multiplied by 2
      –  Bringing the backing fabric around and machine stitch – 18 cents per linear inch
–  Machine stitched binding fabric and hand stitched closed – 36 cents per linear inch

Sewing/repair charge:  Yes we are passionate about your quilt so if we see something that we’d fix if it was our quilt then we will call and ask if you’d like us to fix it.

Consultation for ideas is free. I have many pictures and patterns. Please call ahead for an appointment…